Let’s work together, to move forward

With more than a decade of experience with product leadership within the higher ed space, I can offer a unique set of insights into your product strategy and company alignment around it via consulting services.

I work with a small number of companies a year providing tailored, highly hands-on services. My goal is to work with companies looking to fit all their pieces together where I can be one of their missing pieces. Some needs are small and well-defined while others are a bit fuzzier: I am happy to be the missing piece or the new perspective on the puzzle.


I can help your Product & Leadership teams to

  • Find, validate, and document market fit and segmentation for your products. Product, Marketing, Sales, and Success all need alignment on the personas and segments you’re going to win with. Let me help make sure each area is getting the data they need from the others to move as a team and win.
  • See the bigger picture.¬†Understand your Audience (and their audience in a b2b2c situation like Higher Ed) and the values you are providing.
  • Prioritize Better. Including identifying and implementing strategies and organization for your product team to gather the right feedback, build out the best road maps, and help your executive team move as one with that information in hand.

Teaching & Mentoring

Frequently you have the right people and skills at hand in the company but they’re not quite meshing to execute in an ideal way. I can help everyone identify the core conditions that make teams excel. I firmly believe getting the best out of a team is an art form. Very rarely does an SMB have every responsibility of a product area covered, knowing how to excel at those you can and have a strategy for those which are not fully staffed is key. I love helping teams realize & exploit their superpowers to create a great culture and increase buy-in from the rest of the company on the product process.

Lets Get Started

If you have a project you’d like to discuss please feel free to reach out through the contact page or directly via email to consulting@chrisuthe.com. I look forward to discussing the project and helping to identify if I can add value to your journey!