I’m Chris – Dedicated to Helping Technology Solve Problems

Inspired by a family computer that always needed fixing, Chris Uthe has submerged himself in business and technology for the last 20 years. His first company, a PC repair and networking business, was started at just 16 and successfully fueled a deep interest in solving problems as he helped business customers throughout his hometown adopt technology into their business.  He would go on to successfully run a media & managed IT company before joining the Ed Tech industry with a successful 13-year tenure within an ERP/SIS company leading the Student Portal & Learning Management division.  His last startup, EdSolio, helped to fuel the winds of competency-based education by providing a comprehensive view of a student’s work and achievements. Now focused on creating successful learners by ensuring their interactions with higher ed institutions are at the right time in the right place, he heads the Product Management department at Ocelot, an AI-backed student engagement company.