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Fish Addition: Scopas Tang

Added a new fish the other day and wanted to highlight it here! We’ve added a Scopas TangĀ from an established tank. Photos of the new addition: I really wanted a Purple Tang but the...


Well I went and secured now that they are done gouging people with an application fee etc. I think $30 a year is a bit strong, and I also dislike the fact I...

Macro Shots

I know the tank updates are slim here I have been updating the Reef Central thread a lot more so check in there. In the mean time here are some Macro’s I shot today.

404k Monitor

404k Review Update

I did a review a while back on this 404k 40 inch 4k monitor: and wanted to follow it up with an update. I love this damn thing. It’s not that the monitor...

Still alive!

William is taking valuable blogging time, but we’re still here!