Source Downloads

Download the Source for Reefin.Net here

As of 12/31 all source will be posted to to be managed in GIT. The current (working) V1 of the system is available on the downloads page of the Codeplex site. The code in GIT is the working V2 revisions (WIP). 

Source as of 7-16-2013

  • Added ability to control light channels from web call
  • Ability to reset light back to regular phase
  • Added “override” function to light

Source as of 7-8-2013

  •  ATO Function via event driven by float sensor
  • Light control via ADAfruit 16 channel PWM dimmer break out via i2c
  • Temp control via 1wire temp sensor and relay
  • 4×20 LCD control via i2c.
  • webserver serving XML status info