Project Goal

The goal of is to build a controller for my reef tank that accomplishes all requirements of running my reef tank (monitoring + controlling) on a platform that I can easily customize and expand. Many may ask “Why netduino vs Arduino or even ReefAngel which is arduino based?” – the answer is that I knew enough C# to feel prepared, I didn’t know the language Arduino is based on, and at the outset didn’t want to learn it. Starting with a finished product like ReefAngel makes it less likely I could dive in and understand the very complex and polished code that already existed. I am careful to understand as much of the code I put on my netduino as possible, to facilitate customization in the future. While I am making all source available (most of it is reused code others have made public) I am not writing to be re-usable or broadly applicable to other people’s projects. This is a no-compromise solution for my reef in my situation. I also never plan to monetize or sell any portion of the project.