Monthly Archive: August 2015

Feeding the Tank

A little video of feeding the 180 LRS Reef Frenzy, the copperband gets his share every time 😉

An impromptu LoL Meetup

I play LoL with mostly friends I’ve known a while (Peter, John) but we also play with friends of friends, and relatives of friends. We got to meet up with a few of them...

Time to Fill the Hot Tub

I drained the tub (but didn’t try to dry it completely out to avoid dry seals) in Mid June when things really warmed up.  Typically I wouldn’t be re-filling it until mid  September, but...

Fish Additions

Added a trio of new fish recently, including two Anthias, one carberryi  and one dispar:   I also added a Copper Band Butterfly Fish: