404k Review Update

404k Monitor

My 404k Daily Use Setup

I did a review a while back on this 404k 40 inch 4k monitor: http://www.chrisuthe.com/cu-review-crossover-404k-40-inch-4k-monitor and wanted to follow it up with an update.

I love this damn thing.

It’s not that the monitor is perfect, but have a 40 inch 4k monitor as my daily driver is one of the best changes I’ve made to my home office. To review: I work from home every day. I spend 8-12 hours a day in my office staring at a monitor. I’ve been using the 404k for over a year now and still use it as my primary monitor. I currently use it in 3 up mode (1 tall desktop on left for my home machine via DP, two 1080p’s on the right are my work laptop). ┬áThis setup works really well outside of having to run two connectors from my laptop to the monitor.

That fact is downside #1 of the monitor: It doesn’t have the right array of connections. 1 Display port 1.2 is just not enough. I can’t switch between 4k inputs, which sucks. Previously my work laptop didn’t have DP out or 4k support so it didn’t matter but my new one does and of course there are situations where having all 4k to work would be nice. Newer versions of this monitor or similar have 4 DP’s and multiple HDMI 2.0+ ports that all support 4k so it wouldn’t be much of a problem with a new purchase.

The speakers as previously mentioned are crappy but do work and have proved useful in a pinch since DP like HDMI transmits audio, so an easy speaker setup with no additional cords.

One issue I’ve had repeatedly is that the firmware will grind to a halt, slowing reaction times down when using the menu or going from sleep to wake mode. Unplugging / replugging seems to fix the issue. I have not looked for or attempted any sort of firmware update as outside of occasionally pulling the power and plugging it back in everything “works” still. This is only annoying when flipping from 3 up to 1 up mode and back.

Day to day use with no scaling on windows is very good. I have no issues with readability or anything like that. I have yet to find a dead pixel, though it’s possible I’ve over looked one since I don’t inspect it closely regularly.

Overall, still 4.5/5 and well worth the price, I just wish I had one for work and one for home now!

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